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Can anyone reccomend an active (found a few inactive ones!), UK based discussion page or forum for specifically practitioner and academic discussion on community theatre - I am doing postgrad research exploring the validity - or otherwise - of this as an educational tool, via a case study and I would really like to be able to talk to people interested in same. Thank you.

Fake food props

Does anyone know where I can get (buy not hire) fake-food props, for a medieval banquet kind of set-up, cheap? Maybe a boar's head, dressed pheasant or other bird, pies, bread rolls, anything else that folks at a medieval banquet might have eaten? Thanks.
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Rather confused as I have not had this issue happen before.

A local radio station wants to do an interview with members of my theatre company in a few weeks, and to play recordings of our current play which we will be performing over the next two weekends. (incidentally it is a play which we wrote and own all copyrights on)
Anyway, the presenter emailed me today saying she needs the recordings to send to OFCOM before the interview. Fine, but I dont understand why. Especially as we cant get the recordings to her until Monday and she says a copy of the sections of the script is not acceptable.
When we had an interview on another local radio station a couple of years ago, this issue never occurred, so I am rather suprised. I have asked her, but not had a response.

Getting started in directing

Hi there!

I have recently finished a course in directing (having previously worked in other professional theatre roles) and am trying to get started as a director, and I'm just finding it really hard to find information on how to do this. Basically, I am looking to produce my own show, and am finding it hard to get information on how to go about getting funding, how to work out budgets for your show, how to approach theatres / producers and so on. It is bizarre that there just doesn't seem to be a standard "idiots guide to producing" book anywhere.

Any ideas? Helpful websites / people / courses / books etc? Any suggestions gratefully received.

P.S.  I'm in London.
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New play by Robin French

Apologies if this post isn't allowed but I thought you guys might be interested in a new play by Robin French called Gilbert is Dead. Set in 1866, it is being staged at one of London's last Victorian music halls - Hoxton Hall.

Gilbert Shirley - a loyal spy of Queen Victoria - is sent on a mission to the Black Islands to recover the legendary ghost loris and in doing so, disprove Darwin's theory of natural selection. Gilbert is Dead is bringing stage fighting, Victorian paper-puppetry, taxidermy and top hats to one of London's most beautiful site-specific venues. More information and booking details www.gilbertisdead.com
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in my drama teaching capacity... :)

How do you feel the recent (ish) spate of TV talent shows like the X Factor, Pop Idol, etc affect the attitudes of students just considering a college course in drama - I am currently working with a Level 2 class at a local(ish) college , and I get the distinct impression that they believe that they can make it in the performing arts without any work on things such as auditioning, planning productions, learning scripts, etc. I cant help thinking these TV shows have probably affected this attitude, but what is your view on the matter?
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Hello, everyone. I'm nearing the end of my third year of undergraduate studies at Bennington College in Vermont, and aspire to a career in dramaturgy.

I'd like to take a year off before applying to grad schools, and hope to spend some of that time studying in England for at least one semester/term. What institutions would you recommend that are respectable and offer good courses relevant to dramaturgy? I'm especially interested in schools that give you the opportunity to intern at a theatre while you study. Location is not my highest priority, but ideally I'd like to be as close to London as possible.

Notes about my academic background that may be helpful:

- I've had a fair amount of work experience for an undergrad. At least, I think so. At my school we're required to do an internship every year, so by the time I graduate I will have worked at 5 different theatres. (I worked at two theatres one year.) Also, I've served as production and research dramaturg for 3 faculty productions at my school, and it looks like I'll be directing a production of my own for my final project.
- I have good grades, but my GPA took a huge hit last year when I failed a class due to illness and untreated depression. I've still got above a 3.0, so things could be worse, but I have some explaining to do.
- I can get great letters of recommendation from my professors, who are respected poets, playwrights, and directors. At least two therapists can write me letters attesting to the depression I suffered.

I greatly appreciate any suggestions you can offer. Thank you. :)
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The community theatre group I founded is having to sell on a prop, that may  be of use to anyone into LARP or theatre, or filming, or SCA or re-enactment of things of that ilk. Its a large oak barrel, 3.5 feet by 2, in very good condition. Sadly we dont have room to store it any more as one of our members who was looking after it is moving.

Its on Ebay, pickup only, (rather too large and heavy to put in a parcel!!!) in Brixham, South Devon, England

I hope its OK to post this. (if not, delete... and no hard feelings ) I dont usually post my ebayings other than on dedicated Ebay-auction-listings comms , but I thought this might be OK as its possibly relevant interest".

All profits from the sale go straight back into our theatre group funds.


Acting and disabilities

I've always had an interest in acting but due to my disabilties, I ignored it and went for the easier, less stressful options. But recently I've been looking at theatre schools.
My worry is, will I be able to keep up? I've managed to always keep up with the text-book based subjects but the more physically intensive ones, I've fallen slighly behind in. I have motability issues, aswel as problems with stamina. I'm not near being a wheel chair, but I'm not exactly anywhere near being able to ..say  dance sessions for long periods of times.

I have looked at my local theatre school - Bristol Old Vic and although they do say they cater for people with disabilties, I'm not really sure how the career itself caters for it.

Basically - Is anyone here able to give me some insight into what is required? how i'm going to be restricted etc?