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*hope the post is allowed*

After Christmas, I will be teaching some students about how to publicise a theatre production, as part of a BTEC First Diploma in Performing Arts, and to this end (since I live in a pretty rural area and there arent a lot of big theatres in the immediate area that I can hound, and I have got what I can from the more localised ones), I wondered if  any of you have things like old show programmes, or posters, that you would be otherwise binning  that you would be able to send me, to show the students in the class, and for them to  analyze and discuss.  Amateur or, professional, music / drama/ dance is fine. If thats possible, please PM me for where to send them.  *hearts*.

We are in the UK, BTW!
I know a few of you, but as for the rest: who are you all?

An Overview of Me: London-based American actor who specialized in Shakespeare but has done and will do anything performative as long as it pays the bills. It's been far from perfect, but I've not done too badly.

Ultimate goal: to be able to make enough/work regularly enough as an actor/performer that I don't have to do shitty day jobs.

Dream job: to perform a season at Shakespeare's Globe.

Your turn!
I tried out a new piece for Chester Performs' "Roam the Rows" earlier this month and had a very positive experience. I don't know my schedule will permit me to participate in their next event but thought I'd post it for anyone who's interested.

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Hi All,

Arcola Theatre has a £10 ticket offer for the first week of The Collector an adapted play from the John Fowles Novel. Just call the box office on 0207 503 1645 and quote "online offer" to receive it!


Adapted from the novel by JOHN FOWLES
Directed by BEN CAPLAN

Presented by Arcola Theatre

26th August - 20th September 2008
Starting time: 8.15 PM

Ever since he first saw her Frederick has been obsessed with Miranda. But Frederick’s a repressed, introverted butterfly collector, and Miranda is a beautiful, privileged art student. The opportunity to invite her to his new country house goes horrifyingly wrong, and in the tense, claustrophobic reality of the cellar prison, their relationship leads to a devastating climax.

“This is an intense and compelling piece of theatre… an excellent two hander that stands out because of its fine, and eerie, central performances.” William McEvoy, The Stage

This haunting production comes to London after an unforgettable run at Edinburgh 2007.


Written by Mark Healy
Adapted from the novel by John Fowles
Directed by Ben Caplan
Designed by Beck Rainford


£15/£10 Concessions (no concessions on Saturdays)
Tuesdays 'Pay What You Can' (subject to availability)


I am involved in putting on a performance of Mort at the Edinburgh Fringe, but one of the actors has dropped out at very short notice. I.e. this morning. Part is that of Goodie Whelper and other minor female parts. The show is going to be fabulous, on the top floor of C Main. Paul Kidby is donating his artwork for the posters, and a large chunk of money going to charity. Everyone involved with the production will have C passes, allowing them free tickets at C shows, for the duration of the festival.

We are urgently seeking someone who is

1) Female, youngish,
2) Available in Oxford a.s.a.p
3) Available in Edinburgh 25th July -> 25th August
4) Can act
5) Preferably can pay towards accomodation ~ £500 for the month, or sort their own. If you can't do this, still get in touch as the production may decide to cover cost of accomodation in order to y'know have a show.

If interested, call RHYS 07825957161 or email rhyslewisjones@gmail.com asap
I saw the following in a community and thought it was important for the entire performing arts community. Thanks for signing and passing it on. Hope you all are well!

Traditional folklore dances in England since as far back as 1700s have been known to use props such as sticks and sword as part of their dances. Currently, the government does not recognize dance as either a Historical re-enactment or sporting activity and therefore dancers are not included within the exemption for the purchase & use of swords with regards to the VCR (Violent Crime reduction) bill. These dances are forms of art that are of great historical & cultural relevance, Banning the use of these swords will inevitably cause them to die out. It is crucial that they are preserved & allowed to continue. I have written a petition which is up on the home office website

Please show your support and sign my petition to get dance included so that we can continue preserving the beautiful art of sword dance.

Whether you are a dancer or not, we need your support!

We desperately need more signatures!

The link: http://petitions.pm.gov.uk/dancers/

sometimes I get various calls for actors / performers etc come through arts groups I am on the mailing list of. I wondered if it would be okay to foward them on to this group (they range between paid and unpaid and are UK based)... in case its helpful.
I hope everyone is off to a good start this year! Mine's very quiet, but due to lengthy travel plans in the Spring, there isn't much that I'm able to apply for at the moment.

I also wanted to give the actors in here a heads-up. I just posted an entry in my own journal about the Method, Heath Ledger, and acting techniques if anyone is interested in reading it.
I hope everyone is having a great holiday season. I'm enjoying my panto much more than I thought I would and wish my contract went beyond 6 Jan. After that it's back to the grind of looking for work. Have a safe and fun New Year's Eve!
Just a question.....does anyone if  there are specific regualtions saying that ordinary pat testing of elctrical items is not valid for theatre equipment - lights etc, as i have just been told that we have to get someone especially versed in testing theatre equipment rather than just general electrical stuff.....  Is this true? I have never heard of this before when hiring theatres in the past, its just come up now.