UK Theatre Professionals

(and those aspiring to be)

UK Theatre Professionals (and those trying to be)
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a network for theatre professionals in the UK
A forum for those based in the UK working professionally* in theatre and live performance. We are also open to those training or aspiring to be a theatre/performance professional. Feel free to discuss current productions, plug your show, network, ask for advice, and share audition notices and resources. You can also discuss film, commercials, etc. but this is primarily focused on the industry surrounding live performance.

Open to those working in/interested in working in: acting, performing, directing, designing, technical, management, producing, playwrighting, dramaturgy, front of house, etc.

The mods: lostinarden and her CV, and viola_jen

The rules: please introduce yourself when you join, no rudeness, stay on topic, and most importantly, support each other!

All the world's a stage!

*professionally meaning "paid for your work"